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The following health policy is out of our UCCC Policy Book. This is only part of our health policy. For more

information please view our policy handbook our sign in area at the center or request a copy from the

UCCC office. 

Health Policy:

The purpose of a health policy within a child care center to reduce the spread of disease and childhood

illnesses to the other children within the center.  Our objective is to maintain, protect, and improve the health

of all children within the center.  Children that are ill and cannot participate in daily activities belong at home. 

Upon Arrival:

   A.     Each child upon arrival shall be observed by the staff member who is in charge.  The staff will look for symptoms of illness. If the staff  member determines that the child is ill, the parent will be told that the child will not be accepted into the center at that time. 

   B.      The center will isolate children who present signs/symptoms of communicable disease (ie. Axillary temperature 100.0F, rash,              diarrhea (3 BM’s), vomiting, severe cough, inflammation of the eyes, sore throat, stiff neck, lice, infected skin patches, , a loud congested cough, undiagnosed rash, or other illnesses or conditions that prohibit the child’s participation in the center or preschool, shall be isolated).  Isolation is provided until center director determines whether the child needs to be excluded from the center.

          ·        Fever- Any child who has a fever of 100.0 or higher will be sent home immediately and can’t return until fever free for 24 hours.

          ·        Diarrhea- Any child who has 3 loose bowel movements within a 24 hour period, will be sent home or shall remain home until they                        have a solid bowel movement.

          ·        Vomiting- Any child who vomits will be sent home immediately and won’t be able to return until vomit free for 24 hours.

Outdoor Activities:

Any child/ren not able to participate in daily outdoor activities will require a written note from child’ physician. Outdoor activities are state required and fresh air does not make children ill. The appropriate clothing for outdoor activities is suggested to keep your child healthy. 


Mildly Ill Children:

We do not provide care for mildly ill or ill children.


Ill Child Procedures:

When an apparently ill child is observed in the center, the following procedure shall apply:

   A.     Children with one or more communicable diseases will be isolated to a designated area.  The child’s parent/guardian or emergency contact will be called and the child must leave the center within one hour of the initial phone call.

   B.       The child shall be provided with a bed, sheet, and a blanket in the isolation (office) area and a staff member shall be within sight and sound of the child until a guardian has arrived.

Communicable Diseases:

   A.     If a child has a communicable disease, they may be re-admitted to the center if he/she has been out of the center for the designated time required by the County Public Health Department.  Otherwise, a physician’s written statement is necessary.

Cold & Flu Season is on its Way!


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