Meet Our Staff


Jessica B


Growing up I never knew what I really wanted to be. As I got older and started working with children, I knew it was what I was meant to do. For several years I was a nanny caring for 3 children while working side by side with their parents. I love working with young children and seeing them grow and develop. Building connections with each child and their family has always been very important to me. Seeing all the happy, loving children with such big hearts, big smiles, and big hugs is what i have to look forward to everyday. 


Studied at:

Norwalk Community College (ECE) 2004-2008

Blackhawk Tec. College (ECE) 2012-2013

WCTC (Administrator Credential) 2015-2017

Registry Level: 11

Experience in Child Care: Since 2003


Assistant Director

I love how children have an endless desire to learn! Their little minds are like sponges just waiting to soak up anything from a new song, to a new game, to new words. the best thing from a child is the face they make when they have achieved a goal or learned something new! Those moments are special and priceless! Once you gain their trust, you become an important person in their lives that will leave an impression forever in their minds.


Registry Level: 4

Experience in Child Care: Since 2015

Jessica J

Cook / Float

Where else can you work with people who don't judge you as you are...make you smile every day...have the ability to make you laugh and cry all in the same breath (like a best friend would)...let you remember how to have mindless fun...Kids teach us patience, virtue, the value of friendship, peace, calm, the value of time...

Registry Level: 8

Experience in Child Care: Since 2001


Lead Infant Teacher

 I love working with children because I love hearing their everyday stories and smiles! As a caregiver I feel I learn more from them than what they're taking away from me.

Registry Level: 7

Experience in Child Care: Since 2017


Lead Toddler Teacher

I love how open children are to the world and new experiences. The light each child gets in their eyes is such a wonderful thing to be there to see.


Registry Level: 8

Experience in Child Care: Since 2003

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Lead Twos Teacher

I love working with children because they never fail to put a smile on my face. I love seeing them learn new things and grow with each day.

I hope the children remember me as being the warm, caring person they can always come to.

Registry Level: 9

Experience in Child Care: Since 2016


Twos Teacher

I love coming to work and seeing the children's eyes light up when I come walk into the room and how they fill me up with warm hugs. ....I hope that my teaching leaves a footprint on their lives.

Registry Level: 7

Experience in Child Care: Since 1995


Lead Preschool Teacher

What I love about working with children is all the smiles and happiness you get to experience!  From running around the playground to getting to see mommy and daddy at the end of the day, the simplicity of their happiness is such a joy to see!

Registry Level: 3

Experience in Child Care: Since 2018


Lead School Age Teacher (4 year olds)

I value the strong relationships developed with children and their families.  I like to take every chance I can to show the kids something new and to let their mind expand and grow.


Registry Level: 7

Experience in Child Care: Since 2014


Assistant School Age Teacher / Float

I have always had a passion for children and working with children. I love being able to walk in and be a safe and comforting face in the children’s lives. Seeing how much joy and pureness each child has truly brings happiness to my life. I also love being able to show them the different aspects and joys of the world.

Registry Level: 3

Experience in Child Care: Since 2019

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